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Want guaranteed* results? Work with one of our leading experts.

There are many program, systems and quick fixes out there but nothing beats having an expert customize a diet and meal plan specific to your health and fitness needs.

*Results are guaranteed if you follow the program designed by your coach. Individual results may vary.

Individualized Nutrition

Your meal plan is designed around you and your specific health and fitness needs.

Workouts Included*

Diet & exercise go hand in hand. We create the best balance to mazimize your results.

Classes Included*

Choose our diet and fitness options and get unlimited classes included with your program.

Easy To Follow Videos

Our clients get our proprietary training and nutrition app. Making things even eaiser.

Lost 60lbs Together

I'm not stranger to dieting but this is something completely different. Ron developed sustainable detox program for my wife and I and we collectively lost 60lbs in just 9 weeks!

- Tom & Christine

Changed My Life

If I had known I would have lived so long I would have taken better care of myself. Ron not only helped me lose over 30lbs but he also helped give me my independence back. I no longer have to walk with my cane or walker.

- Ellen

Down 20lbs In 2 Months

I've worked out at almost every gym there is and I can't ever seem to get anywhere. I asked a colleague of mine where she goes and she said Finetix. I inquire online to see what they're all about and it was the best decision I ever made. I was dropping almost 1lbs a day on the detox program they put me on and I've lost over 20 pounds in just 2 months! I highly recommened them.

- Daisy

Three Programs Designed Around You

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Overview Of Our Nutrition & Fitness Programs

No Obligation Assessment

All nutrition and fitness programs start with our proprietary in person or remote assessment. We do this to beter evaluate where you are now. So, we can quantify what it is going to take to get you to where you want to be. There is no guessing here. Everything we do is backed by science.

1. Nutrition / Detox

Feeling confident about your current exercise regimen but looking to fine tune your eating habits to maximize your results? Then our nutrition and detox program will help you get there.

2. Transformation (Nutrition + Classes)

Looking for the best bang for your buck to get you on the right path to reaching your health and fitness goals? Our Transformation Program will provide you with a individualized nutrition and fitness plan to get you there faster than ever.

3. Specialization (Nutrition + Classes + 3 PT Sessions)

Having trouble staying motivated on your own? Bombarded with information on diets but not sure which is the right one for you? Our Specialization Program is exactly what you need. This is our most comprehensive program; included not only a fully specialized meal plan but also 2 person training sessions and unlimited online training to keep you on track day or night.

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*Results vary based on starting weight and program adherence. Featured patient success stories did not receive promotional consideration and are true and honest.